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On Friendship 篇1

On Friendship

Friendship is a kind of relationship that many accompany you all your life. The relationship with your wife or husband occurs only after you are married and runs the risks of being cut down by divorce. The relationship with your parents will be put to an end with their passing away. The relationship with your children begins late in the middle of your life. You have an association with your colleagues, but it is always changing, because one day, one or another colleague may disappear suddenly out of your routine by changing jobs and you may similarly jump out of your colleagues' lives. You have connection with your neighbors only for the sake of living in the same neighborhood and it will break down when you or one of your neighbors moves. Only friendship can be everlasting an steady. You may have friends as early as infancy. No matter whether you are married or not, no matter where you live and work, your friends are your friends. It is not based on bloodline. It is not absolutely an objective social relationship which befalls you. It is rooted in the desires and feelings derived from social experiences. It relies on your intention. In my opinion, that is the social nature of friendship. Making friends is to meet people's varying needs. People have all kinds of desires. To achieve progress, you make friends with those who surpass you. To enjoy freedom, equality an mutual respect, you make friends with those who are of equal stature with you. On behalf of your vanity and relaxation you make friends with the inferior. To you, some friends are fun-loving, some give encouragement, some offer knowledge, and others help you to find your own identity. You expose your worries and weakness to some friends, while you show only your merits, your bright side, in the face of other friends. Before your friends, you may act as a supervisor, a learned brother, a lovely child, a gentleman or a playmate. In a word, friendship helps you to be a full person. So friendship can bene

Friendship的教案 篇2


Unit 2 Friendship(I)


1. express



例句:She expressed her thans (t us). 她(对我们)表示感谢。

His face expressed his disappintent.他脸上浮现出失望的表情。

I cannt express (t u) h


She usuall gets ver 80 pints in an exainatin.



an entrance exainatin 入学考试tae an exainatin 参加考试

pass (fail) an exainatin 考试及格(不及格)cheat in an exainatin 考试作弊


a edical exainatin体格检查


exaine vt.


例句:The dctr exained her carefull.医生给她作了仔细的检查。

esterda the fireen exained the grund carefull, but


Dn't g n taling. 不要继续讲了。

Tie is shrt, s let’s g n t the next subect. 时间不多,我们进入下一个主题吧。

注意:g n t d sth.与g n ding sth./ g n )


There used t be lts f apple trees arund the huse 10 ears ag. (=There )



B. He

C. He What ther clrs des it ce in?

M: It ces in red, pin, light blue, and blac.

W: The pin is nice. H

M: Ce n, Beth, I' ur brther- I reall lie hi, but he aes e ad, t. What shuld I d?

Friendship 篇3

Friendship is one of the greatest pleasure that people can enjoy. It implies(意味着) loyalty(忠诚), cordiality(热诚), sympathy(同情心), affection and readiness(愿意) to help. Real friends are those who can share all our sorrows(伤心事) and double all our joys. No man makes most of his life, either in business or in society, without carefully and conscientiously(凭良心地) striving(奋斗)to win the right kind of friends as he goes along.

True friends cherish(珍爱) the ideals(理想) and feelings with you; they will not desert(荒芜的) you when you are in hot waters; they will not flatter(谄媚) or take advantage of you when you have won victory; and they will advice you sincerely when you are led astray(迷路的).

We should choose those as our friends who have good character, superior(较高的) ability and kindliness(友好) of heart. We’ll treat our friends with courtesy(礼貌), be careful not to interfere(冲突) unreasonably(非理智的。) with them, or not ridicule(嘲笑) their proceedings. We should forgive their mistakes and try to help them as much as possible. If we try to do these things, we’ll retain our friends and keep the sacred(神圣的) lamp(灯火) of friendship burning all our life.

friendship演讲稿 篇4

Friedship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health. Poeple who have close fireds naturally enjoy their company. Of equal importance are the concrete emotional benefits they derive. When something sensational happens to us, sharing the happiness of the occasion with frieds intensifies our joy. Conversely, in times of trouble and tension, when our spirits are low, unburdening our worries and fears to compassionate friends alleviates the stress. Moreover, we may even get some practical suggestions for solving a particular problem.

Adolescence and old age are the two stages in our lives when the need for friendship is crucial. In the former stage, older people are upset by feelings of uselessness and insignificance. In both instances, friends can make a dramatic difference. With close friends in their lives, people develop courage and positive attitudes. Teenagers have the moral support to assert their individuality; the elderly apporoach their advaanced years with optimism and an interest in life. These positive outlooks are vital to cope successfully with the crises inherent in these two stages of life.

Throughout life, we rely on small groups of people for love, admiration, respect, moral support, and help. Almost everyone has a “network” of friends: co-workers, ()neighbors, and schoolmates. While both men and women have such friends, evidence is accumulating that indicates men rarely make close friends. Men are sociable and frequently have numerous business acquaintances, golfbuddies, and so on. However, firendship does not merely involve a sharing of activities; it is a sharing of self on a very personal level. Customatily, men have shied froem close relationships in which they confide in others. By bottling up their emotions, men deprive themselves of a healthy outlet for their negativete feeling.

People choose some friends because thy are fun to be with; they “Meke things happen”。 Likewise, common intersts appear to be a significant factor in selecting friends. Families with children, for instance, tend to gravitate tovard families with children. It is normal to befriend people who have similar lifestyles, and organizations such as Parents without Partners have appeared on opportunity to socialize, make new acquaintance and friends, obtain helpful advice in adapting smoothly to a new lifesyle. Other groups focus on specific interst such as caming or politics. It is perfectly acceptable to select friends for special qualities as long as there is a balanced giving and taking that is mutually satisfying.

Very cloes and trusted friends share confidences candidly. They feel secure that they will not be ridiculed or derided, and their confidences will be bonored. Betraying a trust is a very quick and painful way to terminate a friedship.

As friendships solidify, ties strengthen. Intimate relationships enrich peoplelife. Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness, and some common intersts.

Circumstance and people are constantly changing. Some friedships last “forever”; others do not. Nerertheless, friendship is an essential ingredient in the making of a healthful, rewarding life.

关于友谊(On friendship 篇5

friendship is one of the greatest pleasure that people can enjoy. it implies loyalty, cordiality, sympathy, affection and readiness to help. real friends are those who can share all our sorrows and double all our joys. no man makes most of his life, either in business or in society, without carefully and conscientiously striving to win the right kind of friends as he goes along.

true friends cherish the ideals and feelings with you; they will not desert you when you are in hot waters; they will not flatter or take advantage of you when you have won victory; and they will advice you sincerely when you are led astray.

we should choose those as our friends who have good character, superior ability and kindliness of heart. we’ll treat our friends with courtesy, be careful not to interfere unreasonably with them, or not ridicule their proceedings. we should forgive their mistakes and try to help them as much as possible. if we try to do these things, we’ll retain our friends and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life.

Friendship教案 篇6

period 2   reading “anne’s best friend”

1. teaching objectives:

1) to develop the students’ reading ability, learn to use some reading strategies such as guessing, key sentences, skimming and so on;

2). to get the students to realize the importance of friends and friendship, and to tell true friends from false friends;

3). to grasp some useful words and expressions in this passage, such as on purpose, be crazy about etc.;

4). to learn the writing style of this passage.

2. teaching method: task-based teaching

3). teaching procedures:

step 1.pre-reading

1. please enjoy three pieces of music and find out what they are about.

2. does a friend always have to be a person? what else can be your friend?

3. what do you know about the world war ii?

4. background introduction

step 2 fast reading

1. who is anne?

who/what was anne’s best friend?

when and where did the story happen?

2. fill in the form below.

the time of the story

the place of the story

the heroine of the story

anne’s best friend

the length of time they hid away

the date of the diary

step 3. careful reading

1. answer the following questions:

why did anne made her diary her best friend?

what is an ordinary diary like according to anne? what about her diary?

why was she so crazy about things to do with nature?

why did she stay awake on purpose until very late one evening?

why didn’t she dare open the window when the moon was too bright?

how do you understand the expressions “spellbound” and “held me entirely in their powder”?

2. reading to summarise the main idea of each paragraph.

skim the text and summarise the main idea of each paragraph in one sentence.

para. one: anne made her diary her best friend whom she could tell everything.

para. two: anne’s diary acted as her true friend during the time she and her family had to hide away for a long time.

para. three: having been kept indoors for so long, anne grew so crazy about everything to do with nature.

step 4 post-reading

1. comprehending exercises   (on paper)

time  nature  feeling

before hiding

after hiding

2. discuss what kind of feelings of anne the following words from the letter imply.

words anne’s feeling

nature free, peaceful, relaxed

outdoors free

crazy anxious, eager, thirsty

didn’t dare scared, frightened

thundering, entirely, power helpless, depressed, lonely

step5. activity

four students a group to discuss the situation:

suppose you four have to hide yourselves for 3 months. during the three months, you will be offered the basic food, water and clothes. your group can take 5 things with you.

what will you take? why?

how will you spend the 3 months?

how will you treat each other and  make friends ?

step 6. homework

1. review the important words,  phrases and difficult sentences in the text and make sentences using the words given by the teacher.

2. finish ex.1-3 on p4.

Friendship教案 篇7

writing: comparison and contrast

language objective:

to learn expressions that help make comparison and contrast

skill and ability objectives:

to write a paragraph with sentences of comparison and contrast

to develop reading and communication skills


task-based approach




i. lead-in

learn the respective concept of “comparison” and “contrast”

ii. input

find transitional words of comparison

paraphrase tasks

find transitional words of contrast

paraphrase tasks

practice: blank filling

iii. practice

make sentences of comparison and contrast, using transitional words

iv. further development

read two resumes and finish the form

write a short paragraph, using comparison and contrast

v. homework

complete a report

mary brown

493 prince street,

boston, ma, usa

ph: 617-739-2111


-: b. sc. (bachelor of science理学学士) in mathematics, harvard university

boston, ma, usa

work experience:

– edwards middle school, boston, ma, usa:

 mathematics teacher, teaching students from 13 to 15 years old;

 assistant of dean(教务主任助理), dealing with foreign exchange activities, including establishing sister relationships with middle schools in shanghai, china

computer skills:

java, word, excel, powerpoint

additional information:

 highly dedicated, with great interest in teaching

 good communication skills

tom brown

493 prince street,

boston, ma, usa

ph: 617-739-2111


 -: m. sc. (master of science理学硕士) in mathematics, boston college

boston, ma, usa

 1999-: b. sc. (bachelor of science理学学士) in mathematics, boston college

boston, ma, usa

work experience:

  –   mathematics teacher of edison middle school, boston, ma, usa:

teaching students from 16 to 18 years old

computer skills:

autocad, photoshop, word, excel, powerpoint

additional information:

 highly dedicated to teaching

 good writing,oral and communication skills

april 2nd,

dear principal,

an american couple tom brown and mary brown happen to apply for the english teaching position in our school.

as far as education is concerned, both tom and mary are mathematics majors. however, unlike mary, who has a bachelor’s degree, tom is a master of science. tom graduated from boston college, while mary studied in harvard university.

in terms of work experience, _______________________________


as for their computer skills and personality, ___________________


all in all, both of them are really competitive. please inform me when you decide who is to be recruited(录用).

sincerely yours,


friendship演讲稿 篇8

every one of us, rich or poor, should at least have one or two good friends. my friends will listen to me when i want to speak, will wipe my eyes when i cry, will take care of me when i am sick, and my friends will go together with me side by side through this journey of life.

as students, we could share more time with our friends. the friendship in our young hearts is pure, fresh and simple. i often feel very lucky to have a lot of good friends. especially when i had justin as one of my best friends. justin was my english teacher from the usa. i met him in when i was a student who could only speak very little english. justin was a vivid young man with a bright smile on his face, and he always had his special way to make the class active and attractive. he taught us english by telling stories, playing games, singing songs, and even dancing.

Icould still remember very clearly that one afternoon when we fin-ished our class, we went to some other classes to sing songs for them, just like what people do in the states on christmas eve. it was so interesting and unforgettable. justin was an excellent teacher, because he taught us not only how to study english well, but also the way to find out the beauty of the world and the way to be angels to others lives. i know there was friendship and pure love in our hearts. facing this valuable emotion neither nationality nor age was important, the real importance lay in faith, under-standing, and care. justin is the best friend i have ever had, and i know i will cherish those days of staying together with him as the best part of my memory.

Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. it is actually like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the sweeter it will be. it is also like a cup of tea. when we are thirsty, it will be our best choice, but when we have enough time to enjoy ourselves, it is also the most fragrant drink.

however, in this fast-developing modern society, the reality is not that. more and more people forget to enjoy the beauty of life and -the beauty of friendship. they work hard in order to gain a higher position, in the society and to earn more money for their work. of course, we dont deny that it is important to find a bet-ter place in our lives, but we wish more and more people could pay a little more attention to themselves and their friends. all of us have to spare some time for personal lives. we have to find the chance to express our emotion and love. when staying with our friends, we can release ourselves completely. we can do whatever we want, we can laugh together, talk together, and even cry to-gether. i should say that being together with our best friends is the most wonderful moment of our lives.

as we know, we would feel lonely if we didnt even have a friend. but it doesnt mean we could depend on our friends all the time. there is a famous motto saying that “a friend is like a quilt with cotton wadding, but the real thing that keeps you warm is your own temperature.” it is really true. we have to work hard together with our friends, encourage each other and help each other. when we receive love and friendship, we should repay as much as we can.

finally, lets pray together now that one day, all of us could find the person we want to find, and could enjoy a real beautiful friendship in our lives. lets pray the flower of friendship be-tween our friends and us would always bloom brightly in our hearts.

friendship演讲稿 篇9

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

In my eyes, a true friendship likes a bridge, connects our hearts. It makes us feel warm. So I think a true friendship is one of the most important things in our wonderful lives.

When you’re gloomy, a true friend can communicate with you, then give you some advice, and make you smile. When you’re happy, a true friend is happy, too. If you don’t feel well, a true friend will ask you what the matter is and take care of you. If you do something wrong, a true friend will tell you it isn’t right and what is correct. A true friend will stay with you if you want some help. A true friend will forgive you if you have an argument. What’s more, when you get good grades, a true friend will be very excited, but not be jealous of you. Whether rich or poor, a true friendship never changes. So in my opinion, this is a true friendship. I also believe we will be true friends. That’s all! Thank you!

Friendship 篇10


What is friendship? It is to relate with somebody without need for money or objective. It is to need emotion and over wealth is friendship , no matter what their background , age , sex or personality.

Friendship can be pure. We hear , nowdays, however, how one can be cheated by friends. Many people get along with someone because they have a lot of money. It is doultful that is real friendship.

Having friends, one can be find happiness. If you are in trouble your friends will help you through or at least comfort you. When you are happy , they share it with you. They are also there for you to chat with at any time.

It is a wonderful feeling, as the proverb says“ to love each other is easy but to make frieds is hard”, So, it is crutial that we should get along with our friends. In my opinon ,it is a shame to deceive your friends . The world would be more beautiful if it was full of filled with friendship